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Why Migraineur Magazine? Blending information with enlivening entertainment, Migraineur is a unique resource for those who seek "to live well despite migraine". Written by medical professionals with extensive backgrounds in clinical work, research and education involving migraine, Migraineur’s informational content goes far beyond what typically is offered via headache websites and other health magazines. In doing so, however, the writers make a particular effort to ensure their articles offer an abundance of pragmatic advice relevant to the readers’ needs, are enhanced by visually appealing graphics and are leavened with a healthy dose of humor. This is neither Readers Digest for migraine suffers nor a dreary recitation of medical facts and statistics. Instead, Migraineur is intended for a readership devoted to living healthy, productive and interesting lives. It is, put simply, a guide for living well and fully despite migraine. Send us an email for more information about advertising and partnerships:, or download our rate sheet below.

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